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GeoStorm Sold and the Aftermath

Last Friday I awoke to a message from my Etsy store; Congratulations, you have a sale. Yep, my current favorite encaustic piece GeoStorm sold on Etsy. I have to tell you I was on cloud nine after that. I don’t know what exactly makes me excited about selling a piece. Maybe because someone enjoyed it…

Gabi Mural

Exposure to Something Bigger

I have been dying to take a Mural Painting Class at Reddi-Arts in Jacksonville. Finally we had enough sign up for the class to be a go and what wonderful weather we had for it too! I didn’t do homework on mural artists nor did I bother to look up the instructor that was running…

Encaustic Photo 3


We went to North Carolina to visit my parents recently. My mom and I wound up at an art show in Asheville. While most things I have seen before, there were some items that really made me think about what I am doing. One of the exhibitors that caught my eye were Ed and Kate…


I Told You So

Saying I told you so is like having an umbrella during a rainstorm but being stuck in a puddle knee deep.


GeoStorm: Sometimes You Have to Step Back

I was attempting to make a painting for my mother. She has a beachy kind of room and a gorgeous bathroom with greens. This painting was the start of my attempt at that, but it failed miserably. So it sat… for years! Since I sold a piece the other day I am revisiting my studio,…


Watercolors Now For Sale

Back in 2014 my mother and I took a class from Miriam Hughes at Jane’s Art Store in North Carolina. My pieces were the most color dense ones there and I just love them… but in order to do more, I must set them free! You can find them on my Etsy store for sale:…

Encaustic: L Words


A ton has happened in the last couple of years. I moved to another state, got married and moved again to our dream home. All while not having done a stroke of art. While it has been a whirlwind and happy times, I am longing to get back to it! But something is always sidelining…

Encaustic: Out Damn Spot

Encaustic: Out Damn Spot

I used to sit around and wait. Now I just sit around and do laundry. I need more clothes.

Encaustic: L Words

Encaustic: L Words

Details: —– L Words Look before you leap has always been sound advice but they never tell you what to look for or for how long. I think I have stared long enough to know that I can skip the leaping and go right into soaring. —– Artwork itself: 10″ x 10″ x 7/8″ Encaustic,…


My Space: The Studio That Could

My current “studio” resides in my condo and I quite love it. My wonderful drafting table has been there for cake decorating and various other artistic endeavors. No worries, I will never go back to food prep in that area. It took some time once I decided I really wanted to create encaustic work to gather…


Birch Boards and Preparation

One of the things I am still fine-tuning is what surface I like to work on and how I work on them. Right now I am still good with the cradled birch board and since my pieces are quite colorful, I do not even treat the board. I just start on plain ole wood. I realized…

Encaustic: Paralysis

Encaustic: Paralysis

Sometimes my body screams to get up and dance but my head thinks me a fool.


A Little Faith and Exploration

What comes first, the ism or the artwork? Well, actually the ism. Those come in moments and not when I am creating art but more from a deeper emotional response to a situation. Art comes from that space too, but in a different way. I like to think of an ism to inspire me for…


The Wok and Making of the Wax Medium

If there is one thing I have learned about encaustics it’s that there are too many variables for one person to say “this is how you do it”. Between tools, substrate, materials, technique, mixed media objects, studio setup and more… this kind of art was meant to be a “here’s how I do it, now go…


Favorite Thing #2: Give the Woman a Torch

There’s just something about fire. No, I do not mean torching things.. ok, well I guess I do mean torching things. I have done glass beadwork, taken a class in glass blowing, got attached to raku firing, and I seem to have not gotten away from the fascination of art with heat. Quite frankly, my…


Favorite Thing #1 – Melting Pot

As I work through getting up to speed on encaustic I will share my favorite things or should I say, tools! My mother, a multi-media artist (checkout smARTaleck studio) has an mind-boggling amount of art medium, tools, and for lack of a better word… thing-a-ma-jigs. Shortly after my first encaustics class (with Helen DeRamus in Marietta, GA),…

Encaustic: Paralysis

A Long Road to Encaustic

Several years ago I began collecting my thoughts through my “isms”. It has taken me quite some time to find a medium that I just love to work in. In January 2014 I took a workshop on Encaustics and instantly fell in love with it. I have been working to build up my skills and…

Encaustic: Fleeting

Encaustic: Fleeting

Seeing beauty beyond the obvious prolongs joy. In other words, covet that Popsicle stick because the ice cream goes quickly.

Encaustic: L Words

L Words

Look before you leap has always been sound advice but they never tell you what to look for or for how long. I think I have stared long enough to know that I can skip the leaping and go right into soaring.



Gone are the days of Cupid and his arrow. He now uses a taser gun to bring you to your knees, leaving you quivering in a pool of mushiness. A thump on the heart would have sufficed but would not have been half as exciting.


Close Enough

I wish I could melt into you like a drop of water gets lost in a puddle and often wonder if there is enough room in your skin for two. I suppose we’ll have to settle for being appendages.


Got A Light

Never stop dreaming about the person who can ignite your soul. It’s that very faith that fuels the ability to receive the spark when you least expect it.


Fine Tune

When I envision you… you are the perfect sound accompanied by the most awesome light. To draw you would require a tuning fork and an exploding star. Since I have neither, I will have to settle for pictures of you that pale in comparison.


Inside Out

I choose my donuts based on the filling. I finally learned to apply that process to companionship and found that the good ones come with sprinkles.