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Exposure to Something Bigger

Gabi Mural

I have been dying to take a Mural Painting Class at Reddi-Arts in Jacksonville. Finally we had enough sign up for the class to be a go and what wonderful weather we had for it too! I didn’t do homework on mural artists nor did I bother to look up the instructor that was running…

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Birch Boards and Preparation

One of theĀ things I am still fine-tuning is what surface I like to work on and how I work on them. Right now I am still good with the cradled birch board and since my pieces are quite colorful, I do not even treat the board. I just start on plain ole wood. I realized…

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The Wok and Making of the Wax Medium

If there is one thing I have learned about encaustics it’s that there are too many variablesĀ for one person to say “this is how you do it”. Between tools, substrate, materials, technique, mixed media objects, studio setup and more… this kind of art was meant to be a “here’s how I do it, now go…

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