Exposure to Something Bigger

I have been dying to take a Mural Painting Class at Reddi-Arts in Jacksonville. Finally we had enough sign up for the class to be a go and what wonderful weather we had for it too! I didn’t do homework on mural artists nor did I bother to look up the instructor that was running the class, something I wish I had done. Nico is absolutely fabulous as a person and instructor. I learned so much in this class and walked away exhausted but so inspired to do more.

It all started the night before with me sketching ideas and getting nowhere fast. The morning of the class I woke with inspiration, one that consisted of a silhouette (I love working with silhouettes) and that required a face. I am not one to grab from Google, so I asked my sister-in-law to take a picture of my niece with the pose I had in mind. Once I had that, I manipulated it with my graphic programs and was ready for instruction from there. Here is where I started.


Next I had to cover a wall and prep to begin with the spray paint. I have never painted with spray paint, well maybe in Junior High School but who remembers that? Oh yes.. and I had to paint over someone else’s artwork. It will happen to mine too.


Then I laid down the black (this process was a sworn secrecy)


And then it was time to really play with the spray paint and bring out and resemblance of what I had in mind.

Gabi Mural

What a great day and I cannot wait to work on more large pieces with some of the techniques I learned.

My First Mural

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