Favorite Thing #1 – Melting Pot

As I work through getting up to speed on encaustic I will share my favorite things or should I say, tools!

My mother, a multi-media artist (checkout smARTaleck studio) has an mind-boggling amount of art medium, tools, and for lack of a better word… thing-a-ma-jigs. Shortly after my first encaustics class (with Helen DeRamus in Marietta, GA), she graciously donated her Melting Pot to my cause, along with her Pan Pastels and a multitude of other things. At first I thought, I have a griddle and that’s good enough. After all, that is what we used in class; griddles and tins with clothespins to differentiate between clear wax medium and the soy wax used to clean the brushes. What I did not foresee was how much I would like to drip from the easy pour spout.

Granted it took me 7 months to actually play with the pour feature for the first time (see my Paralysis piece) and it proved to be the perfect ending to a piece that I was not quite sure how I was going to finish and it was completely by chance. I was cleaning my workspace and noticed my clear wax had a shade of pink to it, so it had to be changed out. I looked at my current project, which had a a dip in the middle and spiraling wax legs (due to me spinning the art while the wax was still hot), poured.. and voila!

As a sidenote, I use my Melting Pot to keep my clear wax separate from my colored waxes. It has a temperature control gauge and heats up quickly. I have found it to be a most convenient tool in my encaustic studio and if you do not have one it may be worth looking into.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts on the matter.



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