GeoStorm: Sometimes You Have to Step Back

I was attempting to make a painting for my mother. She has a beachy kind of room and a gorgeous bathroom with greens. This painting was the start of my attempt at that, but it failed miserably. So it sat… for years!

Since I sold a piece the other day I am revisiting my studio, my forgot pieces and more and so I began to “fix” the monstrosity. I have got to tell you this is so much prettier in person. Someday I will work on my photography skills.

Here is Geostorm. It is gritty, sparkly and reminds me of viewing a very green place on Earth from up in the clouds. Something about it makes me smile and perhaps it will do the same for someone else someday.

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Laura Phillips

I currently reside in Saint Johns, FL with my husband and awesome stepson. Technical Director by trade, art and writing provides a wonderful outlet for me. My other hobbies include singing with my band Radio Phillips and enjoying my family and Florida lifestyle.