We went to North Carolina to visit my parents recently. My mom and I wound up at an art show in Asheville. While most things I have seen before, there were some items that really made me think about what I am doing. One of the exhibitors that caught my eye were Ed and Kate Coleman. They use a very mid century palette and the pieces were affordable. I mean it was one of the booths were I felt I could go home with something. Yes, I took home a clock and it makes me smile every day.

Fast forward to yesterday. My mom has been telling me I need to do something with my photography so I began to experiment with photo transfer to encaustic for the first time. The first was a photo taken in Ponta Vedra. I used pan pastels on top of the transfer and covered with more wax.

Encaustic Photo 1

The second were birds I came across at Hanna Park Beach I used pan pastels on top of the transfer and this time covered with self leveling gel. This is also the only board not prepped with white beforehand.

Encaustic Photo 2

The third piece I had a tough time with the transfer but my technique will improve, even though I like the effect. Again pan pastels on top of the transfer and this time sealed with a UV Resist Clear spray. It gives a shiny look that I really like.

Encaustic Photo 3

Today I tried a new one. By far my favorite. I have wild ideas on how to finish these off. Nope they are not done. Stay tuned as they will be added as finished pieces in the near future.

Encaustic Photo 4

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