A ton has happened in the last couple of years. I moved to another state, got married and moved again to our dream home. All while not having done a stroke of art. While it has been a whirlwind and happy times, I am longing to get back to it! But something is always sidelining me; a trip, gigs with my band, setting up the house, my mind kind of stuck on what I want to do.

For the past few years I have kept some encaustic pieces on Etsy, just hidden in the back of the listings hanging out. I pay my dues for posting them and just let them be, thinking how cool it would be to get back to building a showcase of art. Afterall, it was on my bucket list; create an art show, sell a piece of art. After that was go to Ireland, which we knocked out for our honeymoon. My husband says, “You’re just knocking out all kinds of bucket list items with me.” and he is correct.

I checked my email yesterday to find that my favorite encaustic piece, L-Words, sold. I’m still in shock with a bunch of questions rolling around in my head. How did she find it in all the magnificent things that are on Etsy? Will she be happy with it when she receives it and sees it in person? On and on.

I have mixed feelings about that piece leaving me. It was my favorite but I do know that I am thrilled it happened as I have a renewed passion to get back into my studio and back to art. Can I take this as a sign that it’s time? Yes. I think I will.

Thank you Ms. R in California for being the first person to buy one of my paintings. Challenge accepted.

Laura Phillips

I currently reside in Saint Johns, FL with my husband and awesome stepson. Technical Director by trade, art and writing provides a wonderful outlet for me. My other hobbies include singing with my band Radio Phillips and enjoying my family and Florida lifestyle.